Welcome to Keen Commercial Cleaning, one of the most reliable names in the business. Keen Commercial Cleaning offers full-fledged cleaning services across the catering industry, from small cafés to renowned restaurants. Hygiene has to be the fundamental pillar of any food joint; one small oversight can lead to horrible consequences, from being shunned by customers to being shut down by authorities. We are the masters in the business of commercial kitchen cleaning in Sydney & Melbourne so be rest assured to get the value for your money and a scrupulously clean kitchen after our cleaning team leaves.

We make it our priority to ensure top-quality cleanliness. We will deep-clean the kitchen and dining area and make sure cleanliness isn’t something that will trip you over in customer reviews. We offer seamless commercial kitchen cleaning services thanks to our competent team of well-trained and experienced cleaning professionals.

Keen Commercial Cleaning provides professional cleaning services for restaurants in Melbourne. We ensure that your goodwill and reputation in the culinary world would never be ruined because of any hygiene issues. We guarantee a meticulous and unmatched cleaning so that you could relax and forget any worries relating to maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment in your kitchen. We are one of the most trusted commercial kitchen cleaners in Melbourne. Get in touch with us for a hassle-free kitchen cleaning project.

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You no longer would require devoting some of your valuable time to kitchen cleaning issues. You can now depend on us to do the cleaning job. You simply enjoy focussing on more important issues like delivering great food and unbeatable service. We provide professional restaurant cleaning in Melbourne area.

You must be hard-pressed for time. You are always busy with your customers and with expansion and other business-associated plans and meetings. You follow such tight and hectic schedules that you have no time to address kitchen cleaning issues. It is always best to hire professional commercial kitchen cleaning company in Melbourne for prompt and efficient results.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services for Kitchen in Melbourne

Needless to mention, we are the experts in the commercial kitchen cleaning services, Melbourne. Our services would include:

  • – Mopping and sweeping skirtings and floors.
  • – Wiping grime and grease from signs and lightings.
  • – Steam cleaning.
  • – Washing, and effectively sanitising the trash bins.
  • – Emptying, cleaning, wiping, and even sanitising the refrigerators.
  • – Drink and condiment station cleaning.
  • – Cleaning all the appliances that are being constantly used in mass scale food production.
  • – Cleaning shelves, sinks, counters, grills, fryers, oven, hot plate, slicers, ranges, and canopy.

We can surely be regarded as one of the most reliable and competent cleaning services for kitchen based in Melbourne.

We also provide restaurant cleaning services in Melbourne. We take the complete responsibility of cleaning up restaurants for you. Apart from providing all the standard commercial kitchen cleaning services we also provide comprehensive outdoor cleaning services and restroom cleaning services for upkeep and cleanliness of restaurants.

At Keen Commercial Cleaning, we only use eco-friendly 100 percent safe cleaning products and cutting-edge equipment. Our cleaning team is proficient, diligent, and prompt and they stick to deadlines and never upset your schedules. We are flexible enough to custom tailor services as per your specifications and preferences.