Welcome to Keen Commercial Cleaning, the gladiators of industrial cleaning. You could hire us and leave the responsibility of heavy industrial cleaning services to us, as we are the best in the trade in Melbourne. We provide prompt and effective cleaning solutions to challenging industrial cleaning situations. We provide comprehensive factory and industrial cleaning services. Our cleaning teams deliver cleaning services with utmost care and they would be focussing on the safety of your equipment and staff all through the rigorous cleaning exercise of your industrial premises.

Maintain a Spic and Span Workplace with Professional Industrial Cleaners Melbourne

Consider sprucing up your workplace with one of the leading industrial cleaning services in Melbourne. Organisations today are focussing on boosting their productivity and eliminating all unproductive resources that are spent on industrial repairs and maintenance. They have realized the need to keep their premises scrupulously clean so that there is no health hazard to their employees and they could increase their efficiency and productivity in a clean and eco-friendly environment.

Industrial plants are known to release pathogens or pollutants that culminate in the build-up of some hazardous industrial chemicals, as well as, mould.  All these would be posing health risks to workers. Moreover, the dirty industrial machinery would be breaking down frequently resulting in costly industrial repairs and loss of productivity. Get in touch with Keen Commercial Cleaning, your most trustworthy partner in Melbourne for industrial cleaning services.

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A Lot of Attention Given to Staff Recruitment

We assure you of top quality services. We have a team of highly-skilled and experienced cleaning professionals who are hired only after thorough background checks. They have the right credentials and an excellent track record in the field of industrial cleaning. They are well-trained to tackle professionally all services associated with industrial clean up needs. We appreciate the fact that cleaning industrial facilities would take specialist cleaners. We choose our team carefully and send the best worker for your job. We make sure that our employees have the right training, right expertise, and the right attitude to confidently tackle all industrial cleaning demands. Our workers have the mandatory police clearance and standard training in the most advanced cleaning technology. We are certainly one of the best industrial cleaners based in Melbourne.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Our industrial cleaning services include:

  • Waste and trash removal
  • Toilets
  • Tables and chairs
  • Sinks, benches, and tubs
  • High-pressure water cleaning
  • High-level cleaning of surface areas that are used frequently
  • Hard floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, and floor stripping
  • Dusting
  • Cob-web removal
  • Cleaning of equipment

Organizations are aware of the fact that a truly hygienic industrial environment would be acting as a deterrent to a host of illnesses and also as a morale booster for workers to put in their 100 percent. Organizations, who are concerned about their productivity, efficiency, and worker’s health and safety, would be contacting the best industrial cleaners in Melbourne. Call us today.