Welcome to Keen Commercial Cleaning, one of the top gym cleaning companies in Melbourne offering a detailed cleaning and sanitation plan and providing the highest level of gym cleanliness and hygiene. People come to a gym for health and fitness but an unsanitary gym could lead to health hazards. If you wish to be fit and healthy, you need to stick to a personal fitness regimen and pursue a goal with a sense of complete commitment.

You must understand that gym maintenance would be requiring the same level of commitment toward promoting health and keeping the fitness centre squeaky clean and sanitized. We help you in maintaining a healthy gym environment so that the members are fit, happy, and healthy and they keep coming back to you. Your gym is the fitness and health destination for many but your fitness freak members would be thoroughly disappointed if your premises or the equipment promote bacteria infestations triggering infections. Contact us for outstanding gym cleaning services in Melbourne.

Your gym would be requiring intense cleaning on a regular basis to get rid of the disease causing bacteria and other harmful germs. You must ensure 100 percent sanitation and health in your gym. There is a distinctive difference between a specialised gym cleaning and a typical commercial cleaning job.

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The difference actually lies in the level of bacteria infestation on different surfaces. Keen Commercial Cleaning, the best gym floor cleaning service in Melbourne, is always ready to help you out with perfect gym cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Your gym could easily get a competitive edge by maintaining a healthy and clean environment consistently. Contact us for keeping your gym sanitary, spotless, and tidy. We are the most reliable and affordable gym equipment cleaners in Melbourne.

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Our professional gym cleaning activities include:

Washing floor mats including the non-slip ones. Remember, we are a team of specialised gym mat cleaners in Melbourne.

  • – Scrubbing and sanitizing of toilets.
  • – Replenishing all stocks and supplies including shampoo, shower gels, toilet rolls etc.
  • – Scrubbing and cleaning of showers or even the tile areas including the partitions.
  • – Scrubbing sinks and washing mirrors.
  • – Elimination of moulds particularly, in the shower areas.
  • – Effective removal of perspiration-associated repulsive odour.
  • – Grout and tile cleaning.
  • – Sanitisation and disinfecting of the doors, equipment, windows etc.
  • – Cleaning the office areas.
  • – Emptying and cleaning the rubbish bins.
  • – Scrubbing and mopping all surfaces and floors.
  • – Upholstery and carpet steam cleaning.

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We use environment-friendly cleaning supplies to make sure that your gym remains a hygienic and safe destination for all the fitness freaks in town. We have a strict quality control procedure and we undertake frequent cleaning audits and inspections to ensure the highest level of service. We conform to the highest industry standards for providing superlative gym cleaning services in Melbourne. Call us today!