Are you looking for an efficient and a reliable commercial carpet cleaning company in Melbourne, which could help in keeping your office sparkling clean?  Keen Commercial Cleaning is the way to go. As far as, dry cleaning and steam cleaning of carpets are concerned, we are the undisputed masters of the trade. We have the top-of-the-line carpet cleaning professionals in our team, we use cutting-edge technology, and we use eco-friendly and hygienic carpet cleaning products.

No Match for Our Top Quality Commercial Carpet Cleaning

None other could match our carpet cleaning finesse and standard. We are way ahead of the competition. Even though vacuuming is a good way of getting rid of superficial layers of dirt, dust, and debris, it is best to opt for deep extraction method of carpet cleaning regularly to eliminate trapped pollutants and stubborn stains effectively. This is particularly, essential for carpets in your workplace where there is heavy footfall every day. Get in touch with Keen Commercial Cleaning, the most effective commercial carpet cleaning service based in Melbourne. A clean office reflects your professionalism and dedication. Professional cleaning is essential for restoring the overall neatness and appearance of the office carpet and enhancing the overall aesthetic ambiance of your office.

We Offer Two Important Kinds of Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne: Just for Your Convenience

Steam Cleaning Method: Carpet fibre manufacturers and carpet producers advise you to use this deep cleaning method as it is an effective way of eliminating heavy stains and deeply embedded soil.

Dry Cleaning Method: In this method, a spray is generously misted onto your carpet. Then an effective circular rotating buffer that has an attached absorbent pad is thoroughly run over your carpet for dislodging any accumulated dirt and soil. The greatest advantage of the dry cleaning method over the steam cleaning method is the super-quick drying process. Avail Keen Commercial Cleaning’s commercial carpet cleaning service in Melbourne and rest assured to get flawless results and 100 percent satisfaction.

Why Us?

Keen Commercial Cleaning provides highly-efficient commercial carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. You could be rest assured of our top-quality carpet cleaning, thanks to our expertise, industry grade equipment, and prompt services. We offer effective steam and dry cleaning services that would not only help in extending the longevity of your carpets but leave it looking great and feeling fresh. Here are the primary reasons why you must choose us. We offer

  • Highly Competitive Pricing
  • Fully Trained & Experienced Technicians
  • Strict Quality Check & Meticulous Inspection

Suggested Frequency of Carpet Cleaning


Traffic Soil Rating Vacuuming On Your Own Cleaning By Professional Carpet Cleaners
Light Soil Once every week At least once every couple of years or as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and warranty.
Normal Soil Two to Four times every week Twice a Year.
Extreme Conditions Daily Four times every year.


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