If you are looking for highly professional day care centre cleaners in Melbourne, Keen Commercial Cleaning is your best choice. Child care centres are places of boundless joy, creativity, and learning. Parents are only concerned about their child’s health, safety, and well-being. So, they would feel relaxed and would be enjoying peace of mind provided their kids are happily settling in a safe and hygienic child care centre. Maintain a clean and hygienic environment in your facility by availing the expert services of a child care centre cleaning company in Melbourne.

It is crucial to understand that day care centres are often some of the most difficult and challenging areas to maintain cleanliness at all times. All children require a really stimulating environment for growth and learning and most importantly, they require adequate protection from dirt and germs. Parents are ready to utilize all the resources at hand to identify the best child care centre for their child. They would be looking for a clean and well-kept place that promises a safe, sanitized, and eco-friendly environment for promoting children’s health and for boosting overall happiness and ultimate peace of mind for the parents. We are the most reliable and affordable child care centre cleaners based in Melbourne.

Our highly skilled team appreciate and stick to strict hygiene standards that are required to be followed in any day care facility.

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We understand that day care facilities and child care centres have the responsibility of providing a clean and safe environment for the children, teachers, and everyone around. Keen Commercial Cleaning would help you in meeting your responsibilities and fulfilling the highest cleaning standards. We are the best day care cleaners in Melbourne.

From Removing Play-Dohs from Carpets to Effectively Sanitizing the Toilets, We Are the Masters in the Trade

You would be happy to discover our team specialises in removing play-doh and stubborn stains from carpets, getting rid of paint from under easels and the walls or eliminating fingerprints from the windows etc. We are experts at sanitizing kids’ toilets, nappy bins, bench tops etc. We offer quality assurance as there are consistent performance inspections. You are sure to create a fantastic first impression to your potential clients if you hire us as your cleaning partners. Keen Commercial Cleaning is certainly one of the most reliable day care centre cleaners in Melbourne.

It is natural for kids to be messy but it is crucial to encourage their curiosity and creativity. Hence, child care centres could be the breeding grounds for harmful germs. You could prevent the spread of infection by getting your entire premises cleaned and sanitized by the best Child Care Cleaning in Melbourne. Be sure to impress your clients, thanks to the sparkling clean and 100% safe environment. We provide a broad spectrum of services and that may include:

  • – Vacuuming, as well as, steam cleaning of carpets and floors.
  • – Cleaning of windows including the window sills.
  • – Cleaning of curtains & blinds.
  • – Anti-bacterial cleaning of wash basins & toilets.
  • – Cleaning and sanitizing bathroom floors.
  • – Anti-bacterial cleaning of frequently used play areas, toys, furniture, tubs, sinks, diaper change areas, baseboards, and even walls.
  • – Buffing, stripping or polishing hard floors.
  • – Thorough carpet cleaning.
  • – Cleaning all office areas.
  • – Cleaning the kitchens.
  • – Car park cleaning.
  • – And all other unique client requirements!

We are the best day care centre cleaners in Melbourne. We use eco-friendly and hospital-grade cleaning supplies and we maintain a safe and hygienic environment for the children and the staff alike. We hire professionals only after a meticulous background check. We employ only those who have the relevant certifications. We uphold and adhere to high standards and follow quality control measures strictly. Contact us today!

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