Timely Office Cleaning Checklist for your Cleaning Crew to Follow

Office cleaning is a must if you want to keep your employees motivated enough to work. By setting up a list of functions to carry out daily, weekly, and monthly, your cleaning crew can help you keep the office spotlessly clean for the benefit of the employees as well as for visitors that frequent your workplace.

Here’s a timely checklist drafted to get you started on your office cleaning:

Daily tasks

Some tasks need to be carried out daily to ensure a good working space for all employees. These tasks include vacuuming of the floors and tiles, a wipe-down of all surfaces with a disinfectant, sanitizing the basin, the fixtures, and more in the restrooms, ensuring that the soap dispenser isn’t running out of soap, and a lot many cleaning activities that keep dust at bay and make the office space cleaner to work in.

Weekly tasks

Your weekly cleaning task certainly give you some respite. A weekly clean-up can include polishing and buffing up of hardwood surfaces, which includes polishing of the floorings as well as tables and desks. Scrubbing and cleaning of the glass surfaces, including windows, doors, etc. Another thing to carry out at the end of every week is emptying the entire refrigerator of leftover food, clean the inside of the fridge, and disinfect it. And last but not the least would be to empty trash cans and add new bin liners.

Monthly tasks

While there are certain cleaning tasks that you would need to carry out on a daily basis, you can make do in some cases with a single sweep a month. This is for areas such as the vents in the office that can get clogged in left unchecked. To ensure proper ventilation and clear air, it is necessary that you run a vacuum cleaner through the vents to clear up any dust. Vacuuming the office chairs is another task that must be carried out at least once within any given month.

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