The Dos and Don’ts of Office Cleaning to Keep in Mind

With clients often visiting offices, ensuring a clean environment becomes a must. Here are certain dos and don’ts to follow as employees to make work easier for your cleaning crew.

What to do?

Here’s what you must do as a measure to ensure a clean office space.

Make sure everything is labelled

If you have professional cleaners helping you with the office cleaning, this one task is a must. Labelling everything ensures that the items most precious to you as an employee, such as documents or office paraphernalia, are kept safe. If those cleaning your work space have no idea of what is important and what isn’t, you may find some very crucial items in the waste bin with no way to retrieve them again.

Ensure frequent dusting of the electronic devices

When dust layers up on and within electronic devices, the system slows down, eventually shutting off. If you aren’t in the habit of frequently cleaning the devices you use, we suggest you start today, or make sure your cleaning crew does this bit for you with care.

What not to do?

While we’re all acquainted with what must be done to clean up your work desk, here’s what you mustn’t do at or around your desks at any cost.

Don’t eat at your desks

This must be a cardinal rule for every employee. Eating at your desk can lead to the crumbs attracting unwelcome insects and rodents. Cleaning up once these insects have taken up space around your desks can be a more difficult task than just avoiding eating at your workstations in the first place. To save you and your cleaning crew the time and the trouble, eating in areas designated for eating should be your usual habit.

Don’t stack paperwork haphazardly

Most employees who deal with a lot of paperwork can be seen with desks full of papers stacked haphazardly. While you may know how you place these documents, you cleaning crew doesn’t. Keeping these documents in their proper placed or clipped up and kept neatly in folders can save people the time it would otherwise take to clean up the area while ensuring that these papers aren’t misplaced.

Following these dos and don’ts can help you keep your office space relatively clean and ensure that the office cleaning services in Melbourne you hire have an easier time cleaning your office space.