Steps to Maintain a Healthy Environment in Your Restaurant

Healthy Environment in Your Restaurant - Keen Commercial Cleaning

Keeping your restaurant sparkling clean could be a challenging experience but is really important for promoting health and well-being. When you are running a restaurant your primary concern should not solely be serving top quality tasty food, your prime responsibility is also to maintain a clean, safe, and hygienic environment in the restaurant so that the guests enjoy a healthy meal and there are no health or safety issues.

A dirty restaurant would give the wrong message to your customers and they would stop visiting you. The dining area must be spotless. There are numerous ways you could convince your customers about your cleanliness and make them stay for a healthy meal amidst a hygienic atmosphere. You must hire the services of a professional commercial kitchen cleaning services in Sydney for a spotless and germ-free restaurant kitchen.

Sanitize the Surfaces: This should be including the countertops, table tops, chairs, tables, and bars.  Use a high-quality cleaning solution and soft towels to clean the surfaces. Use an effective cleaning solution that has been designed precisely for these front-of-house zones for avoiding any kind of cross-contamination.

Clean the Condiment Bottles Properly & Regularly: Some restaurants are in the habit of forgetting the condiment bottles that are left dirty on the service tables. You must clean up all the jars and bottles and surely disinfect them daily. The salt and the pepper shakers, various sauce bottles and pickle jars that are served alongside your orders. These condiment bottles require daily thorough cleaning and disinfecting.

Clean the Floors Scrupulously: Dirty floors could be a major turn-off. Moreover, they could be regarded as safety hazards. You must remember sweeping and mopping the floor every day. You must keep the open spaces, entryways, chairs, booths, and spaces under the tables clean and germ-free. Remember marking the wet floors for preventing falls and slips. For all those restaurants, that have tile flooring, they would need to keep scrubbing consistently the grout for getting rid of undesirable odours and hard stains.

Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Sparkling Clean:  Even though your customers are not going to visit your kitchen, all restaurant kitchens must necessarily be neat and clean to avoid any safety or health hazards. Food safety depends very much on a clean and hygienic environment. Apart from daily mopping, scrubbing, and sweeping the surfaces, you must make sure that cooked food items are separated from the raw food. You must immediately clean up all spillage at the earliest possible. Moreover, it pays if you get a thorough clean-up done once in a while by reputed a commercial kitchen cleaning company based in Sydney.

The Restaurant Restroom Should Be Squeaky Clean at All Times: A restaurant restroom speaks volumes about the attitude and professionalism of the restaurant management. You need to keep all restroom surfaces clean and fully sanitized. Keep mopping the urinals, toilets, counters, sinks, light switches, doors, and doorknobs. Toilet paper rolls must be replaced on time, tissues and hand towels should not be in short supply and there should be liquid soap in the dispenser at all times. You need to take care of the cleanliness, hygiene, and the supplies for the restrooms so that no visitor is inconvenienced. Employ the services of a good commercial kitchen cleaning agency that is located in Sydney.