Maintaining Health & Hygiene in Aged Care

Hygiene in Aged Care - Keen Commercial Cleaning

Maintaining a safe, clean, and healthy environment demonstrates the level of care, vigilance, and compassion for the elderly welfare and that is really important, as far as, competent aged care is concerned. You must acknowledge the role of cleanliness and hygiene in promoting health and happiness among the elderly people. As we become old, our immune systems tend to slow down and become weak. You would not be able to combat harmful bacteria and viruses. Often older people are unable to even detect the pathogens invading their bodies. As such, the elderly population is constantly facing the risk of falling sick. All sorts of precautions must be taken for keeping germs and viruses at bay. Hire professional aged care cleaning services in Melbourne so that health and hygiene are maintained.

Maintain Regular Hygiene

A well-maintained and sparkling clean aged care facility increases residents’ safety, comfort, and convenience. Effective professional cleaning by expert aged care cleaning services and safety procedures are vital to the determination of the overall level of safety, facility, and maintainability. Regular hygiene practice seems to be essential for maintaining health and hygiene and for infection control. Some of the common practices for promoting health and hygiene are:

  • Using proper protective equipment whenever necessary.
  • Safely use disposable sharps
  • Handle with care and ensure safety while dealing with blood, body fluids, and excretions.
  • Routine cleaning by experienced professional cleaning services is essential for promoting cleanliness and hygiene. Hire the best aged care cleaning company in Melbourne for perfect cleaning services and solutions. The walls, floors, door handles & knobs, bathrooms, telephones, taps, tables, chairs, light buttons, all furniture items etc. must be cleaned thoroughly from time to time by the experts in the trade.
  • Hand washing must be done regularly. Wash your hands thoroughly whenever possible.
  • Food preparation workers must be sent on leave if they are suffering from gastroenteritis or recovering from it. Remember germs and infections are transmitted from your hands to the food you would cook or touch. It is essential to keep the kitchen area scrupulously clean. Get it cleaned professionally at regular intervals to get rid of dust, grime, germs, and harmful infection. Pay utmost attention and care to hygiene and food preparation so that infections are kept at bay.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching a sick elderly.
  • Wash your hands after touching someone ill.
  • Wash hands after handling a patient’s surroundings.
  • Sanitize your hands before and even after a procedure.

Hand Washing Logic

As we have come to realize that hand washing plays a pivotal role in infection control, we simply cannot undermine its importance and necessity. You need to keep your hands squeaky clean at all times. There are certain tips for maintaining a hand hygiene regimen. Elderly citizens are vulnerable to infections and viruses. Some of them are really more susceptible to infections than others. The immune systems of the aging demographic are certainly more vulnerable. So, aged care facility must be kept clean and the professional cleaning services would keep your aged care home in perfectly clean condition.

Keeping the aged care environment clean is certainly one of the most effective ways for helping the elderly people stay healthy and safe. Regular disinfecting must be a part of a regimen in an aged care setting. You may get in touch with the most reliable aged care cleaning services in Melbourne.