Lobby Cleaning Tips for Commercial Spaces

The first place your customers witness when visiting your office is the lobby or entrance that they need to walk through. And if you have a waiting area designed to allow visitors to wait in while you finish up your task at hand, it is even more important to make an effort to clean this particular area spotlessly to create a good impression on visitors and potential clients.

The cleaning routine is crucial to ensuring that the place, indeed, has been cleaned thoroughly. Here are a few tips that your team of professional commercial cleaning services in Melbourne can follow when they carry about cleaning within your premises:

Opt for easy-to-wash entrance mats

Your company or factory is bound to get all sorts of visitors that may or may not have the luxury of a personal vehicle. If you do not wish to see mucky shoe prints gracing your lobby or entrance mats that are soiled beyond recognition, the best thing to do would be investing in entrance mats that are easy to wash.

Get the corners

Sweeping the floors regularly, while a good practise, can make other areas cleaned occasionally quite pronounced. No matter how tiresome the task may seem, be sure to ask your cleaning crew to make an effort in cleaning the corners as thoroughly as all the other areas. After all, discoloured tiles would hardly look impressive.

Scrub glass surfaces well

If your company sports glass doors, windows, etc. cleaning those should be priority. The more pristine the glass surfaces within your office looks, the more likely you are to make a great first impresso.

Install air purifiers

Have you conducted a smell-check in your lobby any time lately? Since that is the place every single person entering your company premises is more likely to be in, make sure that particular office space doesn’t smell due to ventilation issues, etc. Installing air fresheners or purifiers might just do the trick if you have come across an unpleasant odour.

With these tips, you can be sure to get your cleaning crew start right in making your company lobby as welcoming as possible