Essential Classroom Cleaning Checklist

Classrooms are a place that see the most number of children for an extended length of time. And children equals messy surroundings more often than not. The amount of dust, muck, and germs that a classroom is home to is much more than is manageable for teachers and school helps to take care of on their own. Professional help to ensure that the below checklist is seen to can make the room safer for students to be in:

Vacuum, dust, mop

With children being active throughout the day, classrooms tend to get dirtier with each passing once the kids have filed into the room for the day. From the muddy shoeprints on the floors after lunch hour to the pencil shavings and more, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping the classroom floors, walls, stationery, and additional elements such as boards and paintings at the end of the everyday and every morning before school starts are a must.

Empty bins regularly

The waste bins are kept to keep your class from being littered throughout the day. However, one must make it a point to empty the bins every day to avoid odour from permeating within the room. Keeping the emptying for a time when the bins are full rather than doing it on a regular basis are bound to make the classroom untidy and leave a stench.

Disinfect the top of desks

Desks are used by students not only to work on but also as a table to have lunch on, lean on, and play around on. With constant touch, desks are bound to be areas where germ infestation is considerably higher. The best way to curb possible outbreaks of infections is to disinfect the desks every day.

Wipe fixtures

Fixtures such as door knobs, windows, latches, switches, etc. are another thing that are frequently used by all. An antibacterial wipe can work wonders in eliminating possibilities of germs, ensuring that the chances of infectious spreads are reduced. A throughout wipe down before and after schools hours is the best way to go about it.

While school authorities can look into the cleaning of the classrooms on their hiring, hiring professionals services for school cleaning in Melbourne can help you save time and ensure thorough cleaning.