Carpet Cleaning Mistakes that One Must Avoid

Commercial spaces that emphasize on cleanliness are often ones that know how vital good first impressions are. And with places that are carpeted comes the task of ensuring that they are cleaned with as much care as possible. Here are some mistakes you definitely need to avoid in this regard:

Don’t wait too long

In the event that the carpets you own get stained, it is vital that you clean it up at the earliest. In commercial places, chances of delay in having it cleaned is a given, especially with odd working hours and constant movement in an out of the area. This could result in the stain getting deeper, making it difficult to get the stain out after a certain point of time.

Don’t rub at stains

This is a mistake everyone is guilty of making. The moment you notice a stain on the carpet, your first instinct is to rub a damp cloth over the area in the hopes of getting the stain out before it has time to sink in. However, this method will only work to spread the stain further instead of removing it altogether. The best method is to dab at it lightly and follow the instructions on the cleaning agent you intend to use.

Don’t use products without reading the warning

Carpet cleaning products such as cleaning agents come with a warning for a reason. Never use one without reading the label if you wish to keep your carpets in good condition, especially if it is a commercial space. The minutest of flaws in your commercial space is sure to cost to your reputation or at the very least people’s high opinion of you.

Don’t use coloured rags to clean

Another warning to remember is to never use a coloured rag when dabbing at a stain. Make sure you use microfiber cloth or rags that are sure to leave no colour on the carpet. This is especially important when using cleaning agents that take off not only the stain but also the colour of the rag being used to clean up, and the carpet catching on to the colour is one disaster you would rather avoid.

One of the best ways to ensure no mistakes is hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaning service in Melbourne who can make sure the carpets are always spotless and stainless.